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Jan 25, Oct 25, May 3, Feb 22, Jan 29, Feb 24, Feb 1, Dec 15, Nov 21, Oct 26, Jun 6, May 20, Mar 3, Jan 12, Dec 14, Feb 3, Jun 19, Jan 3, Jan 22, Sep 15, May 4, Apr 30, Feb 27, Feb 8, Jul 20, Apr 4, Sep 16, Astral deduced the current Duel before him, and helped Yuma win against Nistro and Dextra.

During the Duel, Yuma and Kite are incapable to worked together, causing Astral to suffered as Yuma's Life Points to dropped, but he told Yuma it was okay. Seeing this, Astral tries to absorb Trey 's "Number", but is repelled by the latter's own crest and became visible to Trey at that brief moment. Astral tried to get Yuma to snapped out of it, but Trey captured Astral with his crest and then chained him to a tower, forcing him to helplessly watch Yuma get hurt. When Yuma regained his "kattobingu", it was shown in a flashback that Astral taught him how to Duel just in case he would ever disappear, with Yuma saying that Astral was still in his heart, and he was able to Summon "Utopia" and destroy Trey's " Number Chronomaly Machu Mech ".

He meets Kazuma Tsukumo , who tells him that his son needs him and Astral should go and help him. Later, they managed to encounter Kite, who speak to Yuma, explaining that it is not him he wishes to defeat, but Astral. Astral doesn't speak to Kite, but shared a glance with him. Faker , and Vetrix. After hearing about the sacrifice used to open a gate to another dimension, Astral compared it to Xyz Summoning.

Faker began their plans, Astral entered this world.

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He says that must mean that the will of Yuma's father is in the Astral World , and vow to defeat the adults with Yuma. Astral muses that Kite and Shark are strong and have powers that can be feared, and he understands how Yuma could be scared of them. However, Astral comment how Yuma gotten over those sorts of fears before, making Yuma feel more confident now and win against Nistro.

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In the disposal plant below Heartland, Astral sees a vision of the Astral World being attacked. Astral sees a vision of Hart and told Yuma that Hart is a floor above them, and they decided to go see him.

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When they went into Hart's mind, who asked Yuma and Astral to save his brother, Kite. Conversing with Yuma, Astral listen to Yuma telling him that he is unsure what to do with Hart and the " Numbers ". They are then interrupted by a holograph of Dr. Faker , who told them his goal to rule the Earth and his deal with Barian World is to destroy the Astral World.

They realized that Vetrix influenced Shark with his crest , and Astral told Yuma that to dispel Vetrix's control before Shark summon his "Number". However, Astral says there's nothing more he can do in this Duel and let Yuma make the decisions. Later, Astral and Yuma encounter Kite, who addressed Astral about the score to settle and gave his permission for them to watch the Duel close up. Astral and Yuma went into Hart's mind again to find Vetrix's dragon, who plagued Hart's memories.

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With the help of " Number Utopia ", the dragon was slain and Vetrix's psychic link with Hart was disabled and watch the rest of Kite's Duel through a screen. However, Vetrix had still managed to defeat Kite with " Number Heraldry Crest " and took all his " Numbers ", representing a greater threat to Yuma and Astral. Faker taunted the finalists and the Duel began in the Sphere Field to gather the energy of the "Numbers".

Astral and Yuma confronted Vetrix about his actions, which made wonders if a human with a heart this ugly could truly exist.

When Vetrix queried Yuma did not want revenge on Faker, Yuma insisted his father would not want that, but Vetrix suggested that perhaps his father's own plans of revenge had already begun - the appearance of Astral in this world. Astral does not know what he means, but Vetrix told him that the fearsome powers residing in the "Numbers" could destroy this world - and Astral is the messenger of revenge sent here to spread them - sent by Kazuma.

As the Duel begins, Astral asked Yuma if the power of the "Numbers" could really destroy the world. Yuma tells him not to think about what Vetrix was saying, but Astral says he can't help it - he has no memories, so Vetrix could indeed be right. Yuma tells him that he doesn't know why Astral was sent here, but he knows better than anyone that Astral is not an evil person. They narrowly survived Vetrix's next attack by using " Half Unbreak ", but Astral was able to come up with a winning strategy. When Yuma got hungry, Yuma brought out his rice balls to shared with Astral, letting the latter feel what eating food was like for the first time.

After expressing great joy, Astral refocused and they used their power to summon " ZW - Tornado Bringer ", but "Heraldry Crest" negated even this effect. Yuma attempts to rescue Vetrix, but Vetrix bidden "good bye" to them and fall into the Sphere Field. Yuma and Astral were then teleported to Heartland Tower in front of Faker.

Following explanation, Astral realized the attacked on his home he saw in his memory from a "Number" card suddenly makes sense. As Yuma becomes exhausted by being in the Sphere Field, Astral apologized to him, saying it's all his fault since he wasn't strong enough.

Yuma denies it, and says Hart needs saving more than he does right now. Astral also told Yuma to save Hart and the Astral World. Astral muttered that he'll leave this to three of them and that the future is in their hands. After escaping from the crumbling Heartland Tower , Yuma challenged Kite to a Duel to determine the "true" winner of WDC, which Astral readily agreed to have the "true final". At the meeting spot, Astral learned that Tori Meadows could now see him and speculated it was due to the Duel with Vector, believing that means Kite and Shark can see him too.

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During the Duel, Kite was about to give up, but Astral spoke to him in private and told the he consider Kite his friend and convinced him to continue the Duel. However, Yuma says he can't - " kattobingu " is made up of both of them and that they will advance together forever. Despite Yuma lost, Astral was still happy, knowing that Kite fought Yuma as a friend rather than an enemy. Once a content Yuma fell asleep, Astral declared his twenty observation: "It appears one can feel good about a loss as well".

Astral gaining some guidance from the " Numbers ". He pondered over the fifty " Numbers " they had collected from the tournament and tried to gain some guidance from them. At that time, Astral didn't know why Yuma was Dueling without him, but as Yuma lost Life Points , Astral was struck by red energy, causing him great pain. He realized that Yuma was having a Duel with the "Numbers" at stake.

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As Astral continued to receive the damage Yuma took, he looked through the mists inside the Key and saw Tori instead of Yuma. Astral contacted her in the form of a blue fireball and told her that Yuma was Dueling agents of the Barian World to protect the " Numbers ", and asked her to take him to Yuma. Afterwards, they discussed the upcoming battle against the Barians with Kite and Shark.

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While the Barian World used brainwashed minions to make attempts on the "Numbers", Astral helped Yuma in his Duels against them [87] [88] [89] , and watched Shark's Duel with a brainwashed Art Stanley. Later, Astral was inside the Emperor's Key again, musing that he has collected fifty " Number " cards, and was determined to find the other fifty. He then recalled the memories of the " Numbers " one by one and gathered his memories, oblivious to Yuma's current anxiety.

Yuma told Astral that he has to be cautious, which Astral was about to praise until Yuma cut him off, making him worry. Once the Sphere Field began to collapse, Astral was freed from the Sphere, but watched in horror as Yuma and Shark fell down a cliff. During Shark and Yuma's Duel, Astral stayed inside the Key, hoping that Yuma would come to his senses and questioned what the most "essential thing" was for them. Once Yuma regained his resolve, Astral came out of the Key and assisted him with the Duel.

Afterwards, Astral thanked Shark for helping Yuma, although the latter denied this, saying that his intentions were rather different. Watching Yuma trying to give Shark a hug, Astral makes his 21th observation on how "Occasionally humans may not honestly express their feelings" and smiled when he saw Kite watching them as well. During the Duel, Astral observed how much Alito and Yuma were drawn into the Duel when he sensed the "Sphere Field" affecting him and causing him pain.

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After Alito told him to take his "Number", Astral tried and failed to do so, much to his surprise. Wondering why he couldn't take an " Over-Hundred Number " card, Astral suddenly became weakened and faded again from being in the "Sphere Field". The next day, Astral stayed in the Key to recover from the effects of "Sphere Field". When Girag issued a challenged and accused Ray Shadows for hurting Alito, Astral advised Yuma that he should have faith in his friend and they decided to Duel without Ray. However, Ray ended up joining them after all, which worried Astral as he saw Ray as a terrible Duelist.

He warned Yuma that Ray would only hinder them and that they couldn't lose against Girag with the " Numbers " at stake. During the Duel, Astral was affected by the "Sphere Field" again and fell to the ground, telling Yuma that protecting Ray is too risky.