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For more information about the history of these titles, see Ace Books , which includes a discussion of the serial numbering conventions used and an explanation of the letter-code system. This list covers the non-double novels, for both the letter-series and numeric-series books. For the Ace Double volumes, see Ace Doubles.

Ace Books published its N series from to , priced at 95 cents. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. Hidden categories: Articles with short description. Such is the case of Peru's famous Clarinda , whose work was published in the early 17th century. More often, women have adopted masculine pen names. This was common in the 19th century, when women were beginning to make inroads into literature but, it was felt, would not be taken as seriously by readers as male authors.

Karen Blixen 's very successful Out of Africa was originally published under the pen name Isak Dinesen. Victoria Benedictsson, one of the most famous Swedish authors of the 19th century, wrote under the name Ernst Ahlgren.

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More recently, women who write in genres normally written by men sometimes choose to use initials, such as K. Applegate , P. Elrod , ppD. Fontana, S. Hinton , G. Riplinger , J.

Robb , E. Brown and J. Alternatively, they may use a unisex pen name, such as Robin Hobb the second pen name of novelist Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden. Also I think he was coding Cal as Jewish. Most members of the Ethical Cultural Society were ethnically Jewish. I get the feeling that Leiber's trying to portray San Francisco as a diverse place.

His coarse hair had been shaved and trimmed into the ridge scalp lock favored by most Terrans.

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No talk about women either. As for the blend of races "This country for almost a thousand years had been deserted after the atomic wars. There were tales of strange mutations which had developed here and even after the remnants of mankind came spreading back from the Pacific islands, Africa and portions of the southern continent Dec 2, , am. The US paperback not only whitewashed her but also gave her a somewhat pneumatic bust, prompting Colin Greenland himself to remark, "Where did she get those boobs?

There were around women genre authors published between and , if I remember the figure correctly from Partners in Wonder. It's not only a myth that wome don't write science fiction, it's a myth that they never did.

For some reason, cyberpunk decided to rewrite the history of sf and vanish all the historical women writers - bar a handful such as Le Guin - from the genre. I have the original trade paperback, I hadn't checked the SF Masterwork cover. Edited: Dec 2, , am. In perfect tune with our discussion above, the Internet has exploded over the presence of a black stormtrooper in the new Star Wars preview because somehow Dec 3, , pm. Otherwise Clark Ashton Smith and Thibaut de Castries would have been reckoned as other white male "protagonists" Hmm, I don't recall getting any Jewish pings surrounding any of the characters, and information such as that one about the Ethical Cultural Society would probably not occur to a foreigner or a child.

I'll take a look later to see whether there's anything more specific in text itself. Cal's full name is "Calpurnia" dang, can't remember the surname --I wonder how likely it is for Jewish parents to give their children ancient Roman names? Maybe sons--Julius? I think I know of some Jewish Juliuses--but something like "Calpurnia" Well, putting together no mention of women and yet no positive indication that the men are reproducing through some "unusual" fashion meaning, women DO exist there , I guess the conclusion is that women don't play a role in whatever aspects of the world is shown in the book.

At the same time, the world is imagined as non-racist. I think this will be a fairly common situation--possibly one "model" to look for in summation. My "favourite" is the bit where the teeth gnashers defend "tradition" or "canon", without any regard for the little fact that representation in the media etc. But to some minds it's like bloody Tatouine Straight documentaries, they are! The fact that there were no black officers in the Star Wars movies or women on Gallifrey etc. Nooooo, you're ruining someone's beautiful dream when you say that! But it's a freaking racist sexist thoroughly shameful dream--Noooooo!

Invent your own stories with your black-Jewish-lesbian-paraplegiac heroes! Get yourself a separate series with a Timelady on a rag! For a genre that supposedly "stretches the imagination" like no other, sf has some outstandingly narrow-minded fans. Landing in what was Washington, D.

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As such, Captain Stagg must deflower and fertilise all the virgins of the nation, or as many as possible. And not a few non-virgins and matrons either. To aid him in this enterprise he gets a special set of antlers grafted on his head, hormonally enhancing his already considerable appetites. Main character : Peter Stagg, male, white, about 32 years old, born in Secondary characters: Dr.

Calthorp, Rudyard Churchill--white men, members of Stagg's starship crew; Mary Casey--white woman of eighteen, native of "Caseyland" and believer in the Great Father, Jehovah. Nephi Sarvant, male, member of Stagg's crew, is described as "dark" and "brown eyed", but, going by context, I'd think he was white too. He's a fervently devout Christian missionary--I can't tell whether this might be a mark of his conversion from, say Native American religion or Judaism. Representation of women: We are treated to a panorama of thousands of women mostly writhing in orgiastic frenzy , dozens of priestesses, hundreds of virgins 14 to 18, strictly , a handful of matrons and old hags--if there's one thing this book's got, it's WOMEN.

In the fragmented post-apocalyptic USA, some states adhere to a cult of "Great White Mother", and the women there form an important priestly caste. Some women are also skilful surgeons. However, the system is still patriarchal in the home and women don't seem to have any role outside it. Their business is child bearing and child rearing. Now, that's less of a problem, considering the regression of that society, than the attitudes the starship crew--from the 21st century, remember! The starship crew explicitly didn't include women nor is there any sign that women are equal in the 21st society.

On the contrary, Churchill resents the fact that his Deecee bride isn't a virgin she, like all the other attractive and well-connected girls, has lost her virginity to Sunhero , and in general demonstrates typical conservative, s attitudes to sex.

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Finally, 21st century men plot and execute a "rape of the Sabines" in order to colonise Mars, kidnapping women and children to their ship and forcing them in suspended animation. They agree "it's a dirty trick", but oh well, once on Mars there's nothing these women will be able to do about it. Representation of race : Only whites seem to exist in the post-apocalyptic USA. Whenever anyone is described it happens fairly often , they are white.

Of these, only Lin and Chandra get to utter a few words eventually, none play more than incidental part i. Representation of any kind of minority : Mid-way in the book we get introduced to a heretical tribe of Pants-Elf yes. While they too have the cult of the Great White Mother, they decided that veiling and segregating women apart from men, except for the thrice-weekly conjugal relations, was the better way to honour the goddess. This had the effect of causing rampant Lesbianism among the sequestered women, and turning the Pants-Elf men ragingly gay.

We are not introduced to any of the Pants-Elf Lesbians kept constantly pregnant anyway , but we meet at least three Pants-Elf homos, one of whom makes advances to Stagg and is murdered by a single blow of his fist. The homo Elfs are not represented sympathetically, I'll tell you that. General comments: I was having mild fun until the part with the homo Pants-Elf.

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Farmer shows a sense of humour regarding every aspect of his hero's exaggerated features and adventures my favourite is the detail that his testicles are kept painted blue, penis red, and buttocks white ; I wish he hadn't short-circuited when it came to homosexuality, and especially, I wish he hadn't stooped to murdering the effeminate man. I would not give this book to a small kid or even to a big kid. Wasn't sure whether to bother mentioning outright rejects, but I think I ought to, even if I won't be adding them to final scores.

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Didn't really expect there'd be many, still don't--I can take a lot of garbage. But we ALL have limits. Specifically, it was the scene where the hero has sex with a chained slave girl. It happens thus: she is sleeping on the furs on the floor, chained by one leg to--the hero's bed I think He opens the furs to gloat about how very beautiful she is, then opens her legs and lies on her to do his business--she's asleep, but who cares?

I could say loads of things about people who go for this sort of thing, but, mainly Just an excuse to string together a load of sex scenes really - although it was revised and extended in the mids I believe. Yes, it's pretty horrid, all in all. It also demonstrates rather starkly the usual problem with this type of literature--sure there may be bits one likes, or worthwhile ideas--here, for instance, I was struck by the prescience of the effect that carbon dioxide and other pollution, causing damage to the ozone layer, would have on earth; and I appreciate that Farmer meant to illustrate a better sexually adjusted society and not just fertility rite orgies--but whatever is good is so overshadowed by the bad that ultimately one simply can't defend it.