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Want to start your own business?

There are also a set of competencies related to dealing with people, understanding yourself, and adapting to change.

Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

For self-employed professionals, these 7 stand out:. But networking can suggest an image of someone glad-handing strangers at business meetings and exchanging business cards over cocktails. That kind of networking, as well as the follow-up sales efforts that go into it, can consume a lot of time and personal energy. Most successful freelancers end up cultivating a community of clients, peers, referral sources, and potential partners.

This is a web of personal and professional relationships that can provide a steady source of new projects, opportunities for professional growth, mentorship, and informal advice. In a large organization, many of these community functions are filled automatically by other employees. Many of these relationships are built around a 2-way exchange of value — you give advice as often as you get it. As you consider launching a career as an independent professional, a final question to consider is what this means for your career path.

Having a clear vision and goals can help, as can getting regular advice from other people. Learning a whole new skill set is likely to make you feel incompetent. Bear in mind that this anxiety is normal and temporary. Building a sustainable business doing exactly the kind of work you want to do takes time.

Your first clients and projects may not be ideal. Give yourself plenty of financial runway. While reducing your debt is critical, having cash on hand is actually more important for independents.

Working for yourself

This might sound counterintuitive. Having cash reserves helps here, too.

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Selling is a new skill for most independents. Johnson: There are heaps of free tools online to help you grow yourself. More Oompher stories are a great place to start. If you've got an idea for a business or spotted an opportunity for one, here's where to go for advice on creating a business plan and getting a startup off the ground.

Why Working for Yourself Is the New Job Security

You need enough money to set up the business and cover operational expenses until the business starts to make a profit. A business mentor is an experienced business professional who provides you with advice, guidance and support as you launch and maintain your business venture.

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    The Top 23 Self-Employed Jobs (that are actually fun) You Can Start Today

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    Home Plan your career Get ideas for your career Working for yourself. Working for yourself Find out what it takes to be a contractor or an entrepreneur, and set up a business. What's on this page? Working as a contractor Footwear business leads Gustavia Lui to success - video How to be an entrepreneur Starting your own business Find out more.

    Working as a contractor Reasons to become a contractor include: you want to use your skills to earn more than you could as an employee you prefer flexible work arrangements permanent work is hard to find. Contractors may do work similar to permanent employees.

    However, as a contractor, you: do your own tax returns don't get paid sick leave aren't paid for public holidays that you don't work aren't automatically enrolled in a KiwiSaver scheme.